Trading places

We have said goodbye to Madam Chrysler, hello to the Empire State, and taken only the essentials!

champagne glassesIMG_5537IMG_5518

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14 Responses to Trading places

  1. Rob Richardson says:

    Love the moving bike may have to use the same for my next move 😀

  2. Jane Trembath says:

    Heard you this am on radio describing your move
    Best wishes

  3. I heard you this morning also, good luck on your move.

  4. Mary Webb says:

    I also heard you this morning and I am sure you are going to love your new place.

  5. Maxine Patterson says:

    I also heard you this morning and love your attitude of making the most of your life and opportunities. Have fun

    • Thanks Maxine. I feel very lucky that we found this great spot that will give us a whole new springboard for living in NYC. The person that said this city is made up of a lot of little villages was right. Forever onward!

  6. Sandy says:

    I had a similar view of the Empire State building on the second last time I was in NYC, unfortunately for me it was from a ward from Belle Vue hospital after the taxi I was in ( on route to JFK on my way to Paris ) crashed. The building was lit up in Red and green as it was I was admitted on Christmas Eve.
    I hope your view of it is happier than mine.
    I’m all well now though.

    • What a story Sandy! I am glad you are through it now and hope you got to travel on to Paris eventually. But it sounds like you have been back to NYC as well so this is great. And hopefully with a view other than from a hospital bed… Our view is further south than Bellevue and similarly unobstructed. We are looking forward to seeing the Empire State lit up for the 4th next weekend!

  7. Kathy Cree says:

    You have moved? Love the view of one of my fav NY buildings, and bubbles too.
    I missed your usual lengthy text. I know a picture is worth a thousand words and these were great shots but long for descriptions of your events and NY.
    Looking froward to your next entry.

    • Ah Kathy – how wonderful to hear, thank you. I have missed writing too and would have found it hard to believe just how disruptive a move can be – especially when we had August weather in June. But things should be getting back to a better rhythm now, so stand by….

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