There is no time to sleep! You might miss Jack Sparrow on his way to Comic Con, masked rockers playing in the subway, or the Mary Poppins lookalike at the markets encouraging you not to feed her felted birds…

In the crisp & colorful days of Autumn there is much to be celebrated – Halloween, the dog costume party in Tompkins Square Park, leaf peeping, and Warlimpirrnga Jjapaltjarri’s astounding exhibition at Salon 94. Meanwhile Open house is opening doors all over the city, and my talented friends at the Frick – composers, actors & all round polished performers – will be staging a preposterous new musical called The Nose at the National Opera Center.

What a rich city this is, overflowing with energy & opportunity. But then there is also Port Lincoln and the long & winding road of family, friends and familiarity. A special journey that forever beckons. For now it is someone’s turn to be the queen of the bike line. Time to go home. At least for a few weeks – and conveniently during the mango season… I’ll share any fun discoveries along the way – and please do the same wherever you are. Happy days and safe travels!


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5 Responses to NYC AU

  1. Lyndl Marshall says:

    Bon voyage dear Gabrielle

  2. Lee Gillespie says:

    Enjoy your trip home, safe travels.

  3. Sandy Dee says:

    Great photos Gabrielle and enjoy your trip home.

  4. technanna says:

    So this explains all the costumes we saw on the subway!


  5. Louise says:

    How wonderful Gabrielle! Thanks for sharing all the news, so much happening in NY. Looking forward to seeing you soon! xx

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