The Hair Whisperer

Fashion-forward ‘scenesters’ be warned, after 50 years of settings trends in NYC fashion, Patricia Fields has decided it’s time to dress only herself. If the devil decides to wear something other than Prada, or Carrie Bradshaw and the girls get back together for another season of Sex and the City, they will have to find another stylist. Emmy award winner Patricia is liquidating her store and the colorful collection of wigs and wardrobe tchotchkes that have made her famous will be finding new homes. The bedecked boudoir, more like a gaudy costume gallery, is outdone only by her flamboyant staff. When I spoke to a particularly glittery employee about what would happen for him post-sale, he was unfazed – ‘This is New York honey, move on!’

Equally confident and entertaining were the hair stylists downstairs. Joey, the drawcard of my visit through his reputation as a hair whisperer, has made it his mission to turn ‘an ugly world into a prettier place’ one do at a time. He said that hairlines were not so much hereditary as they were outcomes of abuse, and that shampoo and massage could do wonders. Maybe there is a new presidential pouf in the pipeline. But the key to Joey’s success, as told by his offsider Creepy, was to not let his clients indulge in the nonsense of self doubt. Once you’re in the chair, it’s therapy time! I didn’t have an appointment and with a wait of at least three weeks, the store would be liquidated before my old hairstyle was in a similar position. So I’ll watch for the whisperer’s new spot and in the meanwhile continue my counseling with Esther…

parrotwigswigs2wig2Joeycapcrocsmove onsale

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5 Responses to The Hair Whisperer

  1. Chrissy Hirst says:

    A BIG Happy Birthday dear Gabrielle!! (I might be a day early/late?) I think you should purchase that blue wig – it’s soooooooo you!! Oh and grab those Crocs – 50% off is a bargain……..xxChrissy

  2. Patricia Field says:

    Thank you so much for your coverage of my shop. I’m not sure who the journalist is, so I am replying within your framework. Will keep you posted on our milling list on upcoming important announcements and events.

  3. Joey Pauline Ryan says:

    Thanks for the beautiful wording of my ramblings I can’t wait to whisper in your hair the next time you’re here in the States

    • Sandy Dee says:

      Gabrielle is an ex-patriate Australian who lives in NYC and tells her many Aussie fans of so many fab things to do and see in the Big Apple. Unfortunately I don’t and enjoy most of her stories vicariously, saving up suggestions for my visits. I have to say you sound amazing and inspired. Let us know where you will be next so I can plan my next US trip around meeting you!

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