Hot cross hoola

The hunt for hot cross buns in NYC is always a challenge. There are the usual suspects at Amy’s, Silver Moon and the market at Grand Central, and last year I discovered the classic century old Glaser’s Bake Shop on the upper east side. But this year the prospect of finding a spicy fruit-heavy yeasty bun befitting the gormandizing glory of past memories is rapidly dwindling. This is not necessarily the fault of local eateries, although a newly arrived Australian observed the summer-long supply of buns Down Under made the lack here more obvious. The real deterrent to discovering new sources of seasonal spice is vanity. Having found only fine French pastries at Maison Kayser on 74th Street this week, but spying another bakery over the road, I was distracted en route by the reflection of a post winter reality. The blossoms are out and the summer wardrobe needs addressing. Chocolate is another story, but buns may need to be forsaken in the hope that it will not be too late to hoola my way to hotness!


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2 Responses to Hot cross hoola

  1. Gillian says:

    Wow, you may not believe it, but NY prices are so much less than Sydney. Muffins are at least $4, buns at least $3! As always, your NY discoveries sound delicious.

    • Thanks Gillian – actually I don’t know if Sydney has become more expensive or NYC less so, but I do know that the rent is the only deal breaker. If we could live here without the huge rent we would be laughing!

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