Magnolia Heaven


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7 Responses to Magnolia Heaven

  1. Chris Hodgson says:

    Hi & Hello Gabrielle. I’ve listen to you for ages/ maybe years, with Rod, but never looked at your sight until now.
    My late parents, absolutely loved Magnolia’s, so now that I’ve finally found your sight will keep it, to renew my NYC fix.
    Kindest regards
    Chris Hodgson
    CQ – 4717.

    • Thank you for listening all these years Chris – what a trooper you are! Receiving your message enforces my quest to keep finding new and interesting things here in NYC. The magnolias are an absolute gift. In all my time here I have never seen them so beautiful. No wonder your parents loved them!

  2. Ros says:

    Like Chris I have listened for ever and sought out your blog to see the magnolias. Absolutely georgeous. When I visit it will have to be March!

    • Absolutely Ros – it is such a glorious time. We were lucky to have some beautiful days to see the magnolias at their best. Now today we have wild winds and there is a confetti of petals swirling all around…

  3. Sandra Holt says:

    I too have listened to you on the radio. Like so many other people I have always wanted to visit New York and now I know when to go: next May. It looks so beautiful, thank you for the great photos and information, it is just what I need to inspire me to arrange a holiday in New York.

    • Great to hear Sandra. We have certainly been very lucky with the Spring this year. The blooms seem to come one variety at a time, so we could really appreciate the magnolias, then the tulips and now the azaleas. We have had rainy days and then suddenly more sunshine which makes it feel like the first day of Spring all over again. May is definitely a gorgeous time to be here…

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