Fleet Week

The Navy made a big splash today with the annual Fleet Week celebrations and sailors all over the city. While I missed the flotilla and fireworks, I did encounter a triathlon veteran who talked about training with Navy Seals and how it improved his mental capacity. One night they ran around the base of huge sand hills, wearing shoes to protect their feet from splintered glass interspersed in the deep dry sand, while live bullets whistled passed their heads. He said that it all seemed too hard until he thought of the hills as being snow covered, and, loving the winter sports, started skiing along the beach. He won the race and a souvenir. I wonder if there is an easier way to get the tshirt….?!


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4 Responses to Fleet Week

  1. paul Goulding says:

    Hi Fitzy,
    Great to hear you again on ABC radio show this morning again and you are always so informative with the latest happenings as always such as this story above .
    Thank you so very much and look forward to your next report and wishing you a fantastic day from the great southern land.

    • Thank you for your time in writing Paul! I am preparing for a little ‘Fleet Week’ of my own this week with a sunset sail up the Hudson on an old schooner. I look forward to telling you all about it…

  2. June Read says:

    I was fascinated by your report on Ward Island. So much to see in NY, only scraped the surface in 2003 a 10 day visit, I was left wanting to see so much more!

    • Thank you June – there is always more to see! That’s why some of us stay here so long, and why so many arrive with one list and leave with a much longer one. Next time!

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