Squeezebox salutations

The Campbell Apartments are no more. After 17 years, the lease of this gloriously restored gem of New York City history has expired, and the space will be converted under a new owner to have trendier appeal. There was a six month court case to avoid eviction, but even the wrangling of the old to surpass the rent offered by the new, did not appease the landlord…

It was all I could do to walk down the road and find solace in the squeezebox festival in Bryant Park. There were Russians and Irish players and music from around the world, and who would know there was such an audience for this unique sound. New York! The city doesn’t sleep – even when you might want it to for awhile – so don’t hesitate to come and share the old, and the new. Cheers!



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1 Response to Squeezebox salutations

  1. Nicole Kempster says:

    So sad about Campbell Apartments, iit was one of the many gems that you have recommended.

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