Forget nice!

At Ungarra Primary School back in the day, ‘nice’ was not considered a word. Think of something more descriptive R G Martin would urge us! At home it was the same situation, where ‘chuck’ and ‘stuff’ met with comedic correction. There are other words, better words, that will tell the story with more imagination. So after a lifetime of word awareness, it was interesting to note that for the very first time when the New York Times this week reported on a Presidential candidate’s recorded past, the F word was used in full spelling on the front page. Times have changed. But in the general dismay of all things political, cartoonists bring some perspective.

The Society of Illustrators on East 63rd street currently has a retrospective on the work of Ralph Steadman. This man has been commenting on life for decades, from his first break with Private Eye in England and Punch, to cartoons about Regan, Nixon, Thatcher, and finally Trump. Drawing ‘Breaking Bad’ characters recently rounded a career that started with ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’. By complete contrast Steadman is also well known for his illustrations of Alice in Wonderland and Animal Farm. Now in his 90’s and still with pen in hand, he shows that no matter how bad things may seem politically, there is always a lighter side. Even if it may only include the technicality that Bryan Cranston’s cranium was so perfectly round it could be drawn with a compass.

So all is not lost, we can always read The Guardian, and in the meanwhile, have a fabulous day….!


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2 Responses to Forget nice!

  1. Peter says:

    What though, would the Butler say if Tanked! Love your work. Peter.

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