Need a coffee…?!

It’s all Paul Hogan’s fault. What started as a simple shrimp 30 years ago has become beaut grub as the love affair with all things Australian continues to sweep NYC off it’s feet. Taylor Street Baristas on East 40th and Madison is the latest addition to the Antipodean coffee scene, coming the long way around from London where three siblings from Sydney set up shop in 2006. They brought Vegemite and lamingtons with them and are capitalising on the branding opportunity that colloquialisms inspire. The coffee is so good it actually speaks for itself, so the dunny door may not be entirely necessary. But for the locals it will be something noyce… diff’rent… unewesual…


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10 Responses to Need a coffee…?!

  1. Mary says:

    Read this just now and I’m off for a coffee and vegemite on toast as I’m on Madison. Thanks.

  2. Jan says:

    How ironic that here in Australia there are coffee places designed to imagine we could be in a variety of world venues. In NY they are more Australian than Australia. Does the Peter Allan music feature at all? That could make me homesick. I won’t ever get to New York other than through my imagination so I delight in listening to your exchanges with Rod Quinn you have a great way of bringing NY alive with your observations. Thank you.

    • Thank you for listening Jan! It’s true just as you say, this cafe is more ‘Australian’ than Australia. Didn’t hear any Peter Allan but that’s not to say they don’t play his music. It has been a glorious day here. I went to see the skaters and all the Christmas stalls at Bryant Park – including an amazing cheese experience – and hope to post some pictures before long…

  3. Great that you visited Taylor’s for a delicious coffee. Our travel buddy Keith Brown mentioned it to you recently. Laura Tolley, one of the owners went to Campbell High School, Canberra when I was working at the school, so it was a nice connection, even though none of the Tolley’s were in NY while we were visiting. We’re back in OZ now, after a month in NY. 5th visit to NY. Left on Election Day and glad we’re a long way away from Trump! Love your Blog Kerry Fitzgerald.

    • Thanks Kerry. Yes, I was grateful to hear from Keith about the coffee shop especially when they are few and far between in east midtown. Sounds like you are a frequent visitor to NYC and lucky you for escaping on Tuesday – sounds like there may be a few people following you…

  4. Mary says:

    Well I went to coffee shop yesterday it was good but $4 US for a slice of toast with a scraping of vegemite was steep.

    • Vegemite is expensive here but that is definitely steep! Hmmmm breakfast this morning…. Dough on 19th between 5th & 6th… Breads bakery on 16th between union square & 5th… Great northern hall at grand central… Eatily at Madison park – or if you are still in midtown there is a FIKA on 41st between Bryant park & Broadway. Their coffee is excellent & hopefully they will have cinnamon buns this morning…

  5. Mary says:

    Still here and will check out one of your suggestions, thanks for that. Paid $15 for a glass of wine at Bryant Park last night. I took a pic but can’t attach. Let’s say it was a shot size.

  6. Lyndl Marshall says:

    OMG! Guided tour please? Daughter Katharine is in from the West Coast and is a coffee hound so we must go. It would be fun to meet you there, even though there are stairs involved!!!

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