A perfect Pi

Mathematically speaking, there is no equation between frozen puddles and filo pastry. But somehow the seasonal appearance of the former magically conjures up dreams of the latter, along with golden sunshine, blue water and all things Mediterranean. This picture may not have added up, except for the authenticity of Pi, a Greek Bakery on Broome Street that creates a classic destination with no swimsuit required. Fortunately.

Almost everything at Pi is hand made – the bread ( sesame encrusted Koulouri ), the baklava, the painerli and the pastries. Some are sweet and others filled with sundried tomatoes and feta. Honey comes from Greece, and ‘sweet spoons’ – jam-like indulgences that you just dip into – come from Cyprus. The biggest mouthful was the galaktoboureko, a filo custard pie garnished with sweet lemon and orange infused syrup, that not only restores the reputation of custard but recalculates the whole experience. And then there was almond cake initialed for 2017 and baked with one hidden coin, the finder of which would have good luck for the new year. The math for success was implicit just in the wish – it is going to be an exceptional year…!


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