The father of Emoji

Apparently it all started with the heart. About a generation ago Shigetaka Kurita designed a collection of 176 emojis when he worked for a telephone company in Japan. Shigetaka was a regular employee – there was no special commission or copyright, but this man started a revolution in communication. Those 176 black emojis have since inspired hundreds of new characters as symbols like ‘fax’ becomes redundant and others begin to dance. MOMA recently acquired the collection, and the exhibition is digitally displayed at the entrance. With some irony, crowds wander through the space, looking for a place to sit and send a message. They may be too young to realize the significance of their surrounds, or maybe they just can’t wait to ‘heart’ someone…


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1 Response to The father of Emoji

  1. Katherine Woolsey says:

    Wow! Who would have guessed that…..Amazing really .

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