Comforting decadence

On a grey rainy day, a rich, pure hot chocolate is a gift from the gods. And tasting the delights of Mah Ze Dahr may have you believing in more than one. This is a special place, a homage to the magic of a taste experience that changes who you are. These are words from Urdu, but the food comes from a generously spirited woman, the daughter of Pakistan parents, who bakes with a perfection that makes Heavenly cheesecake an understatement. Let us consider the humble doughnut. In this case made with brioche, rolled in vanilla bean sugar and filled with a pastry cream that is not simply cooked and refrigerated, but stirred gently until all the heat is gone. The taste is in the detail. Delicious! Perfection is a beautiful thing…

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3 Responses to Comforting decadence

  1. Gordon Ley says:

    Truly uplifting!!! Need to get to NY.

  2. Lorna Wilbore says:

    Oh my goodness those doughnuts look just divine!

  3. Merle Blatch says:

    I am salivating at the sight of those goodies!

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