Pastries and pieds

Just when it seemed that bakery experiences could not get any better, NYC has surprised the eager palate with even more gloriously excessive treats. Chanson is a true ovenly experience. Baking trays line the ceilings though a passageway of temptations leading to the real working kitchen at the back. Apparently this was the plan of the owner, a protege of Gordon Ramsey, who may have escaped Hell’s Kitchen, but nevertheless found the allure of the baking environment too good to leave. He may have something there. The crowds have come for the everything croissant, a take on the bagel of the same name, but in this case filled with cream cheese and jalapeño and baked so perfectly that the creaminess inside does not compromise the crispiness of the outside. I might have been tempted, had not the piece de resistance of pastries appeared in the form of kouign amann. Think croissant dough, add more butter and swirl into a muffin tray with fillings of hazelnut cream, black sesame or rhubarb and thyme. Outrageously delicious.

With summer just around the corner my quest for the best may need a healthy diversion.  As I discovered on the subway to Long Island City this week, other pursuits have possibilities, like outrageous footwear and unexpected conversations with people who like to wear them. This may be a good time to swop choux for shoes. But let’s follow our feet and see what we find…

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3 Responses to Pastries and pieds

  1. Bruce/Maree heaton says:

    Have not had breakfast here yet. Hungerrrry!…. Cracking pair of shoes….

  2. Wilma Green says:

    Wow love it.

  3. Lorna Wilbore says:

    Oh my goodness – the shoes!!!

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