Talking Turkey

Donald Trump will be in NYC today for the first time since he became president. So will Malcolm Turnbull. A possible exchange is scheduled on the Intrepid. The city is packed with protestors and police, with traffic snarls and a turkey.  Flying between median strips on Park Avenue, the latter has yet to be apprehended.

At this rate you wonder who’s going to turn up next…

May the 4th be with you!

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5 Responses to Talking Turkey

  1. Bob Woodhill , Sydney based NYC tragic . says:

    Love it! If they put all three in the same room , will there be a prize for identifying the turkey ha ha !

  2. Rob says:

    I’m sure it will be all Gobble Gobble 🙂

  3. Amanda says:

    Nice to see some real wildlife surviving in a city!

  4. Wilma Green says:

    The turkey with wings would be the most sensible of the three!!!!!

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