A fresh sea breeze has blown in from the north coast of NSW and found a welcome home in the West Village. While good coffee is no longer the illusive pleasure it was in New York, Merriweather adds a little sunshine just by association with that white beach and blue water. Peter the proprietor was unfazed when I said his mum had sent me, but six years working as a lawyer in NYC adds a little cool – and would make the best barrister become a barista. A very successful one at that. The place is busy, there were no pastries left when we swung by, avocado toast was pumping, and the coffee was a real heart starter. While Peter says the cafe is not necessarily promoted as ‘Australian’, that fabulous flat white meant he didn’t have to…

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6 Responses to Merewether

  1. Terry Lee says:

    Hi Gabrielle,

    Another delightful posting that brought a smile to an old Mallee plodder. Nothing like a well prepared coffee and some treats to brighten a morning or afternoon. As always, enjoyed your photos too, which teased in the best of ways!

    We have in a tiny township called Pyramid Hill, Victoria, a fine Cafe situated in an old Bank building appropriately called without immodesty, ‘The Coffee Bank’. It is operated by some indefatigable locals who are exceptionally friendly and welcoming. The fare is local produce mostly and the coffee and tea easily the best in the district and I’d offer all of rural Victoria. A treat for me is to hop on the early morning train from Kerang, which goes onto Bendigo then Melbourne, and getting off at Pyramid Hill, which is the next stop down the Swan Hill Line, (takes 20 minutes). I do the approximately 6 km return walk to the Hill itself (an old granite volcanic outcrop rising to about 300 feet or 100 metres) and on my way back avail of the scrumptious country fare at The Coffee Bank, before boarding the mid morning train up from Bendigo back to Kerang. All told a happy three hours of fun!

    It is places, such as depicted in your posting from literally another hemisphere and in your rapture of Springtime and that of the one I have related in our solemnity of Autumn, that makes one glad of the enterprise, kindness and sincerity by people catering to simple pleasures. That Merriweather Morning Sandwich looks delicious too, as does their coffee.

    Thank you for another cheerful and interesting posting.

    Best wishes from Kerang in the Mallee country of Victoria.

    • The simple pleasures indeed Terry – what a glorious way to spend a morning – and what a picture you have created with your words. I don’t know what smells best, the coffee from the old bank, or the countryside in the early morning. Thank you!

  2. Julie Lavette says:

    Thank you so much for following up on my note. It was a real thrill to wake up and get this email this morning. Obviously I love the Fitzyreport – it helps me feel closer to my son. Kind regards Julie Lavette

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    • My pleasure entirely Julie. But there is more to this story… In a very serendipitous development, I happened to speak to a colleague at the Frick who suggested I do a story on an Australian cafe in the West Village. I asked if it was the cafe of Peter, son of Julie, and her eyes widened. Yes, Rodica said, he is my son-in-law!!! Can you believe it? So we are all a little closer today. Happy Mother’s Day!

  3. Ross Hansen says:

    Hi Gabrielle, I love your postings of places and happenings in New York. They make me wish I was back there again (first and only visit was two weeks in July 2016). For nice coffee and luscious home-baked goodies to eat with it, try Bake Shop at 1002 Flushing Avenue, Brooklyn. It was recommended to me by reception staff at the hotel I was staying at and it didn’t disappoint. Best wishes from sunny Queensland, Australia.

    • Thank you Ross. I had a quick look on-line – this place looks great & all the better for being home-made. Excellent tip, next time I’m in Brooklyn I’ll swing that way. Hope you were OK in the floods and Queensland is back to being beautiful one day, perfect the next…

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