Chihuly & chipmunks

Art and nature create a spectacular partnership in the much awaited exhibition of Chihuly’s masterpieces at the New York Botanical Gardens. There is no competition between colour and shape, but more a complimenting of beauty with beauty in a lush tranquil landscape. A giant blue thistle bursts joyously in green surrounds, red stalks cluster dramatically, shooting toward blue skies, while a boatload of glistening pods languish near a lively wetland resounding with the sounds of dragonflies and frogs. Glass and garden, environmental artwork, the vision of a one-eyed man, an ex-surfer, with no physical ability to hold a glass blower. Amazing. Chihuly has become a director and the work grows. In the midst of the green oasis that flourishes so close to the busy intensity of Manhattan, it seemed timely to pause in the shade and share a picnic. And to discover something else I’d never seen. Chipmunks and Chihuly on the same day…!

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