Cool caramel

Sedutto’s has been around for years. Squeezed into the melting intensity of first avenue on the upper east side, this hidden oasis looks more like an aged outlet for hair products than the home of an ice-cream legend. But don’t be fooled, when an ambitious pastry chef left the Waldorf Astoria nearly a hundred years ago, the packaging for his new business was the last thing on his mind. Mr Sedutto was thinking about ice-cream, Italian style, which is now not only being served exclusively on the QE2, but is saving lives in NYC on a daily basis.

Respecting President Reagan’s wisdom by signing into law that July be national ice-cream month, I thought it only proper to pursue the best options at hand. In a week of scorching temperatures and sticky humidity, the idea of 49 flavors in reasonable proximity to my easterly appointments was refreshing. Candied cones in a myriad of sizes and textures – all blessed by Zagat’s seal of distinction – were unnecessary in view of the one choice that stands alone. Salted caramel. Mint chocolate chip and ‘birthday’ did make the top 5 most popular flavors as well, and as a nod to trendiness, there were wine choices in cherry merlot and raspberry chardonnay. But when it comes to tipple time, if I was sailing on the QE2, I’d be looking for a little champagne myself…

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3 Responses to Cool caramel

  1. Amanda says:

    Thumbs up!

  2. Lorraine Booth says:

    Your reporting & descriptive language continually makes me 😂 – you are The Big Apples best ambassador.
    From sunny Coffs Harbour, north coast of Australia 🇦🇺- I always want to join you
    Thank you 😊

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