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Pink Lady

Authenticity dictates a certain kind of behaviour. If one is cosying into a leather stool in the finest remaining vestige of New York’s Golden Era, then it is almost mandatory to sip on a cocktail from the late nineteenth century … Continue reading

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School’s out!

Ten inches of snow can be a nightmare for commuters. But for children with the day off from school, it is a dream!  

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It’s not easy being green

Christmas trees don’t last very long. Especially the frozen ones. In fact the tree Sean and I chose this year would not have lasted 5 minutes – or 5 seconds – in the blazing heat of my family’s Port Lincoln … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!

Father Christmas hasn’t even arrived and there is fun and frivolity everywhere. The Frick set the pace as usual for the festive season with a jazz band that had staff swinging while Vermeer and Rembrandt tapped in the background. Mickey … Continue reading

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Presley & Punk

Sotheby’s is on the opposite side of the grid to the museum mile and is not generally listed in the ‘must-do’s’ of the NYC art world. There is a perception that this imposing institution is only for the rich, and that stiff noses and … Continue reading

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Blessed are the Cheesemakers

The sun is up, the sunshine is glorious and there is much to celebrate. Forever onward! Sisters are grandparents for the first time, old train sets are running anew for anyone who can fit inside the bubble, leaves are setting … Continue reading

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Trick or treat!

Halloween and the Presidential election seem to have become one and the same thing this year. Scary! Costumes and contenders are interchangeable, with local costume stores featuring multiple versions of The Donald and former First Lady. With only a few … Continue reading

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We shall overcomb

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Spliced Surprise

Bell ringers have had bad press for too long. Quasimodo started it all, Marty Feldman didn’t help just by hunchback association, and Macbeth filled our youthful imagination with foreboding, the sound of the bells summoning us to heaven – or … Continue reading

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Don’t be illamad!

Life in Columbus Circle yesterday looked like a usual New York street scene. Yellow cabs, a few bikes, a ballerina… Who would have suspected that just a short distance away via a Tardis-like transport, a llama party was lurking?! Spiraling off from the underground … Continue reading

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