Gramercy Tavern

This is my all time favorite restaurant in Manhattan. The food is seasonal and creative, the ambiance is warm and stylish and the service is supremely friendly and polite. I have recommended it consistently on Overnights for the past 6 years, and when I last rang the restaurant to make a reservation they said they have so many Australians calling they need to keep an Australian clock on their desktop so they know what time it is down under! Thank you, I’ll take my commission any time from now…

The front of the tavern is walk-in only ( and there is usually a queue ), but you can make a reservation for the fine dining restaurant at the back. Either way you are in good hands.


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2 Responses to Gramercy Tavern

  1. George Boden says:

    Hi Gabby, I am a fan (Listener) on the overnighters in Melbourne, I love the chat, you are so motivated checking things out in & around New York, its like being with you on your bike with Sean.
    I was there 30 years ago, it left me with a Negative WOW factor then, experiencing the traffic jams, pinned to the wall at Grand Central Station and the amount of Hobo,s sleeping on the streets and the scary drive bys in the Bronx, I believe the Mayor has cleaned the city to be a nicer place.
    I will be dropping in next year on the way to the UK, so I will save all of your favourite places to try out, Love your chat, thank you from George ( Mobile Security Patrolman in Melbourne)
    p.s enjoy your friends wedding on the roof top.

    • Thanks for listening and for your comments George. Yes, you will find NYC dramatically different from your previous visit. I am sure you will get the positive WOW factor this time – please be sure to share your impressions on the blog. Keep up the good work in Melbourne and happy travels!

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