East 7th Street – old and new offerings

Riding around the East Village en route to playing ping pong in Tompkins Square Park, we have discovered some fabulous new eateries. East 7th street is now attracting food tours, which may be fun, but puts you in a permanent queue. It’s easy to go by yourself. You can start at either the 3rd Avenue or the Avenue A end, depending on whether you want to start or finish at McSorley’s, the oldest pub in the city. ( There is sawdust on the floor, wishbones hanging above the bar left for luck by soldiers going off to war, and a sign in the window that says ‘ We were here before you were born!’ ) Interesting to note the only real change to the structure of the pub since 1854 has been the addition of women’s toilets, when there was ( finally ) the legal need for them in 1970.

All along East 7th street there are cafes, restaurants & bars. They are casual, friendly and good. But they are small, so if you see a tour group coming your way, order fast. We made it out of Porchetta just in time, generously leaving some crispy potatoes and burnt ends for their tasting, and headed over the road to the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop. The strip is a recent discovery for me and there is still much research to be done, so stay tuned…





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1 Response to East 7th Street – old and new offerings

  1. Sandra Gordon says:

    Gabby can you do a report , feature on NYC Diners,for local conversation and easy mix of peoples i found them great. eg TOMS DINER AT COLUMBIA on Broadway

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