how much to tip

The easiest way to leave the right amount of tip is to do what the locals do, and that is double the tax. In NYC there is an 8.875% tax added to restaurant bills, so doubling this makes about 17% which is the acceptable rate. On the bill below this would mean a rounded total of $48.00. Of course you can always leave less, but leaving double the tax, means you can also leave the restaurant with confidence. Once, ages ago, we had lunch at a small bistro near a popular hotel and were accosted by the manager at bill time. Assuming we were tourists she said we hadn’t left enough tip, and that we should leave 25%. So we were quick to give her the ‘double the tax’ speech. And funnily enough, that bistro isn’t there any more….

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  1. PeterReynolds says:

    Great website. Heard you on ABC Radio in Australia with Rod Quinn

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