Lego Heaven

What can I say? This store is a destination in itself. Forget all the other trappings of the Rockefeller Center, ( including the $88 a pound chocolates at Teuscher, the skating rink, the Christmas tree, the view from ‘the top of the rock’ ), and go directly to the Lego Store. You could leave the children there all day while you zip over the road to Saks. Do some damage there while they do the same. You can buy whole kits or individual pieces – brilliant! Finally there will be an excess of steering wheels and all those other easy-to-lose essentials. Once my nieces hear about this place my brother will have to mortgage the house. But I guess the girls will build him another one….




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2 Responses to Lego Heaven

  1. Louise says:

    Oh, how brilliant! This dragon is amazing. Thanks Gabrielle for all the NY highlights!

  2. Elfie says:

    I discovered your website via OVERNITE program from Melbourne’s ABC 774AM early Friday morning 2/9/11. I called the station to get the exact website address. Thanks for the very interesting photos and article on Hurricane Irene on this site. You are a verbally very articulate woman and what a pleasure it was for me to hear you. With the mainsteam media working hard to dumb us all down it was a delight to hear this conversation. There are other intelligent beings ‘out there’.

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