Trump Hotel

I didn’t ever think I would promote a Trump-associated property, but the location of this hotel on the southwest corner of Central Park with a foothold on Columbus Circle, would be perfect for some people. If mobility is a problem you are all set with a permanent cab rank on the Circle, the subway is just outside the door, the Time Warner building next door houses ( have-the-quiche ) Bouchon and Dizzy’s Jazz Club, and if you are tired of restaurants, Wholefoods supermarket is downstairs where you can buy quality fresh meals to take upstairs and eat in your luxurious bathtub. Some of the rooms have kitchens with full size ovens and gas tops, but don’t be fooled into thinking you might whip up a NY cheesecake while you’re here, because there are no pots and pans – it’s all for show. How terribly Trump!

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