I am drawing a line in the sand! After splurging for the past few weeks on all sorts of fantastic treats, it is time to pause. There will be no more of the delicious strawberry icecream from Sundaes & Cones on East 10th Street. There will be no more of the excellent mango sorbet or outrageously good fig & balsamic icecream from Ciao Bella (downstairs) in Grand Central Station. And there will certainly not be any of the strange but superb salted caramel icecream from Kennebunkport in Maine. That is, until we can find another reason to drive the 300 miles to get there….

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1 Response to Icecream

  1. Louise says:

    I love listening to you with your reports on the radio with Rod. Your voice and the way you paint a picture of NY is fantastic. I was so impressed with you kindness to Leanne and her guide dog. Please don’t stop.

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