The road to Maine

To give our Australian party the best chance of finding some autumn colour on the trip to Maine, I planned our route to go directly north from NYC through the Berkshires and then across to the coast. This meant we would travel through 5 states on the way up ( New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire & Maine ) and then come back via the coast road. It was a glorious journey and we found not only the beginnings of red and orange leaves, but beautiful New England countryside complete with covered bridges, picture perfect wooden houses and pumpkin fetes. Kennebunkport was our destination, and what a spectacular spot, right on the ocean. Fisherman pulled into the port with their catch and we indulged in the soft shelled lobster au natural in an equally natural wooden hut. But by far the most delicious seafood meal (since Port Lincoln) was the one I had at the Ramp Bar & Grill. Grilled salmon, prawns and scallops on mashed potato with a red capsicum coulis…..

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2 Responses to The road to Maine

  1. Maggie Sweeney says:

    love listening to you on rod’s show…..would love to go to maine, driving through the Berkshires. Could you please put a photo of yourself online, so that a can put a face to the voice.

    Cheers, Maggie.

  2. marja samsom says:

    Wonderful Views of Life & new Energy ’round NYC: like mini documentary .. Thanx !!

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