Gabby goes Global

For the past three and a half weeks I have been gadding about with Leanne and Gabby the Guide Dog. It has been memorable for many reasons, not least of which has been to share the experience of Gabby. She was an essential member of our party, and at times was the party. Gabby has been with Leanne for 6 years and is used to long walks and gourmet destinations. Maybe that’s why she took to New York so well. Within a day she could take Leanne to Lindt on 5th Avenue or to Grom Ice cream on Broadway without hesitation. She was unfazed by the craziness of the crowds and the traffic, helping to choose toys for the boys in the Disney Store in Times Square, and trying on the latest canine coats at ‘Pets on Lex’ on the Upper East Side. Gabby was unfailingly cheerful and always the total professional. When she wore her harness she was on the job, but when we got to Maine, she was on holidays!

Waiting for Andrea…..

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3 Responses to Gabby goes Global

  1. Pauline Fox says:

    I am so delighted you had a great time with Leanne and her family (I listen to you on Rod’s show). I know Leanne’s mother Janet well and I am looking forward to her return home this week (we play mah jong together) and to hearing all about the trip. Gaby is a beautiful dog and she is a ‘star’ here too. Love your New York updates!

  2. Heather W says:

    Hi 🙂
    I had the pleasure of meeting Leanne and Gabby last week. We were both walking in our neighbourhood in Sydney. In the space of three short minutes we discovered she had just got back from NY and I am going there at Christmas.

    Leanne referred me to your blog and I have thoroughly enjoyed looking at it. Thankyou Leanne! And those pictures of Gabby are just lovely.

    I can’t wait for my trip and look forward to more inspiration in posts to come.


  3. jason says:

    We just met Leanne and Gabby at the Messina Ice cream shop in Darlinghurst, NSW, Au. and after chatting for a while we found out that Leanne and Gaby had been to NY. We are heading there in Feb’12 so she referred us to your site to see Gabby globe trotting. So interesting to read your updates of places in NY. Can’t wait to come explore next year. Lovely to meet you Leanne and Gabby. Rod and Jase.

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