( Starship ) Enterprise

‘Enterprise’ created a spectacle on the west side last Friday with a majestic flight up the Hudson. The shuttle was transported from Washing DC to it’s new home at the Intrepid Museum in New York on the back of a NASA 747 jumbo jet. You certainly don’t see things like that every day. Even though the shuttle didn’t ever go to space, it was the history and association with Star Trek fans that made the ship famous. Sean positioned himself well ahead of time on the end of Pier 79 to ensure he had a clear shot of the Trekkie treasure. But just as the shuttle was about to appear, homeland security asked him to move as the ferry terminal was a no-camera zone. So there was a last minute flurry but that didn’t prevent a perfect shot. Meanwhile Spock was waiting with fans at JFK, no doubt many of whom will be making their way to London in October for the celebration of the Star trek Universe. Some will travel by commercial aircraft, whereas others will be hoping for Scotty to beam them up…

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