Noho is buzzing these days with interesting little eateries, boutique fashion designers and a great vibe. Because years ago this was the first place in the city where we discovered really good coffee, I always have a warm feeling of gratitude whenever I’m there. Saturday was a perfect sunny day to be out and to be brunching, and Tartinery was the new place on my list. I have always associated anything in the tartain family as being a tart or upside-down. But then I wasn’t ever very good at French. Tartines are actually open faced sandwiches and the specialty of this new spot in Mulberry Street. I went for the Saint Marcellin, prosciutto and rocket which was delicious, and I even managed to fight the urge to have the sourdough that is flown in from Paris each day. The service is very french – when my friend asked that her poached eggs be well cooked, the waiter just about had a heart attack. Mon Dieu! You want the eggs to be hard boiled…!!!??? We managed to survive that cultural clash, and just as well, because it meant we were still there for coffee. The feeling of gratitude persists…

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4 Responses to Tartinery

  1. Annie says:

    The food looks amazing! Have you managed to find a place that understands what a flat white is?

    • Not yet, but I’m getting close. Last week an ( American ) woman we met in the Conservatory Gardens told me about a small cafe on West 37th that makes flat whites. This woman travels to Australia quite often for business, and endeared herself to me immediately by knowing what a flat white actually is. I have yet to track down the cafe, but at least I know it’s there…!

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