Vegan vittles

The dearth of food trucks this summer in NYC show that all things organic and alternative are zooming in popularity. Wishing to expand my familiarity with the genres, I jumped at an invitation to attend a Vegan event in Soho. Of course I felt like I was going in undercover, being an enthusiastic consumer of most good foods  ( apart from those that wobble like jelly, custard, oysters, etc ). So I made sure there were no obvious butter smudges or lingering aromas from brunch to give me away…

The Seed was an enlightening event. There was passion and politics and some very committed people.  The Sea Shepherd had a strong presence as did the animal rescue organizations. I learnt that the work of animals ( honey ) is just as food non-grata as anything else derived or consumed from animals. I declined to taste look-a-like chicken legs made of crumbed and deep-fried tofu, not just because KFT is really no better than KFC, but because there were better things on offer. Many vegan restaurants and cafes had their wares out for the tasting, and there were lots of chocolate options, although it was the packaging rather than the taste that took my attention.

As soon as the location and funding is found, a vegan bodega will bring together many of the products showcased at the event. Until then the hunting for and gathering of edibles will continue, trucks and busy bees alike…

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