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The Magic Pudding

Canada failed the coffee test. Although the breakfasts, the bacon and the cowboys did somewhat make up for it. But the need from our commonwealth cousins was high, with craving culminating from a whirlwind 30 day travel fest. First there … Continue reading

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The lions wore a bow tie just in case. While the lighting of the Christmas tree celebration in Bryant Park last week was not a formal affair, there was a lot of competition to shine. The crowd was glowing with … Continue reading

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My suitcase was just not ready to come back. At JFK, my olive green two wheeling 29.9 kilo treasure chest was a no show. Maybe it was the responsibility of carrying 4 tubs of my mother’s precious tomato relish back … Continue reading

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Waltzing Matilda

There is not a billabong or coolibah tree within cooee, but waltzing matilda has brought a flowering of antipodean beauty to New York City. While the much anticipated Conservatory Gardens is still in bud, Park Avenue is blooming with new … Continue reading

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Lenten Labyrinth

In Churches all over the city on Wednesday, the beginning of Lent was marked by signs and symbols of public devotion. As a child this was always a time of conflicting angst and anticipation, as the bleak significance of 40 … Continue reading

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Halloween and the whey forward

After discovering new favorites to indulge in over Halloween – raspberry & licorice skulls being at the top of this list, and crispy bacon chocolate being a bit further down, it was time to even up the scales with some … Continue reading

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High but not dry

The best thing about Winter in the middle of a New York Summer is finding popular places almost empty. On Thursday night the High Line was all but deserted, with the pending storm creating an electric light that accented the … Continue reading

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Midsommer in Manhattan

The Swedes take their midsummer celebration seriously. Neither drenching rain or dramatic thunderstorms were enough to dampen the partying that thousands enjoyed during the solstice in Battery Park this week. I have never seen so many blondes and flower garlands … Continue reading

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Little Brown

If you needed a reason to be an uptown girl, Little Brown is it. On 85th and Lexington the ¬†bald man has opened a fabulous new cafe / bakery in the family tradition of rich quality chocolate. Little Brown is … Continue reading

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Vegan vittles

The dearth of food trucks this summer in NYC show that all things organic and alternative are zooming in popularity. Wishing to expand my familiarity with the genres, I jumped at an invitation to attend a Vegan event in Soho. … Continue reading

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