Barge Music

What could be more delightful than a Saturday afternoon performance of classical music in an intimate space that not only has a view of downtown Manhattan, but also floats! Underneath the Brooklyn Bridge an old barge has been converted into a concert hall with glass windows behind the stage, so you can sit, feel the wash of the water taxis, and enjoy a performance in full view of the spectacular New York skyline.

The barge itself is over 100 years old, and was transformed by a group of music lovers from a working vessel transporting coffee beans around the harbor, to an acoustic chamber transporting minds with instrumental inspiration. What a fabulous idea. Barge Music holds performances all year round, and the program is diverse enough to attract families and virtuosos, not to mention the many Australians I recommend visit this unique place. Compared to Carnegie or Avery Fisher Hall, it’s a special and personal musical experience, and that’s without the walk over the Brooklyn Bridge and the homemade ice-cream place next door….. Barge Music rocks!

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