Midsummer Night Swing

Midsummer Night Swing comes to the Lincoln Centre every year for three weeks, showcasing a different style of music and dance each night. One night may be salsa, another bollywood, there is disco, pop, and of course lots of swing bands and jazz. It’s a fantastic opportunity to join a party under the stars, have a cool lemonade or six, and hear some brilliant music. The night Charlie Watts brought his boogie boogie band to the show it was about 100 degrees, but no-one seemed to notice. People came to dance, swing, shake, rattle and roll, and the hotter is was the better…


*** Not only is this the hottest show in town, it’s also the happiest – we recognized some of the swingers from last year and they were still smiling….

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2 Responses to Midsummer Night Swing

  1. Nicole Kempster says:

    Hi Fitzy,
    I was recently in NYC and went to two nights at Lincoln Centre, thanks to your recommendation. They were great, entertaining and enjoyable. We also went to Rooftop Garden at Library Hotel, Campbell Apartment(what a find!) and Levain Bakery, I loved the peanut butter and chocolate biscuit. I suggest everyone follows your recommendations, they were all brilliant. I’m coming again next year.

    • Fantastic Nicole – thanks for letting me know. I love to hear that my recommendations have been successful – wow, I’ll have to get busy to have a new list ready for you next year!

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