The King and I

While conversation comes easy to me, and I enjoy talking to people and sharing their stories, formal interviews are another world – and that’s the world I stepped into this morning. Larry King had agreed to be interviewed for the documentary Sean and I are making about Joey, driver extraordinaire, but pinning him down to a time when he was available and in NYC was a challenge. Every day this week we were on standby, and then yesterday we received confirmation that 10am this morning was the time, The Regency Hotel was the place, and Mr King would be available for 30 minutes. By the time we arrived at the hotel ( we were early ) the appointment had been brought forward to 9.30 and we had 20 minutes. But then Mr King wanted to get his hair done, so our window was 9.40 and we had 10 minutes max. Sean did his magic with the visuals and sound, and there I suddenly found myself, interviewing a man who has at least 60,000 interviews to his credit…

It went extremely well.  Mr King turned on the charm, said all the right things, and gave us 10 devoted minutes that will make a great contribution to the film. The hotel staff were completely cool, and the number of secret service suits loitering in the lobby indicated that high profile people are just par for the course. So now that we are in the swing of it, I wonder if I should go out and buy myself a pair of red suspenders….?

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1 Response to The King and I

  1. Chrissy Hirst says:

    What a gig! Of course he had to have the (sparse) hair done for the photo-shoot!! xx Chrissy

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