Australian Women in NY

I had the great pleasure this week to talk at the Australian Consulate about my experience of life in both Australia and New York City. It was a lot of fun to bring conversation about Port Lincoln and beyond into a room of interesting and interested women, the occasion being the AWNY meeting which attracts patriots from both sides of the Pacific. There were artists, public relations people, bloggers, singers, swimmers, professionals and psychotherapists. There were veterans of NYC and those that had just arrived. There were also a lot of good listeners, and many stories to share. The last time I was at the Consulate was to hear Anna Funder speak about her Booker Prize-winning novel, and the next, I hope, will be to attend the opening of an art exhibition on Friday. In the meanwhile I shall investigate the source of the TimTams counted onto a plate at morning tea. I imagine they are smuggled in between election forms and licence renewals in the diplomatic bag, but where there is one packet, there has to be two…

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