Australian Consulate exhibition

On Friday night, after a day of non-stop pouring rain, I was happy to find an enthusiastic party at the Consulate for an exhibition of paintings by Jacinta Stewart. Jacinta is originally from Brisbane and for this show painted a collection of rich impressionist works depicting the ocean breaking on the shore at different times of the day. To look at the paintings you could almost hear the waves crashing. What created another dimension was being on the 34th floor in the middle of Manhattan, with the Chrysler Building over the road, and a direct view of the Empire State Building in the other direction. People gathered at the windows to take photographs, creating an interesting contrast of the paintings looking inward while the party looked outward. Who can compete with New York City! Maybe this will work to my advantage and my favorite painting will still be available when Father Christmas swings by….

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  1. Leonard Cox says:

    Amazingly, beautiful art!

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