The Riviera of the Bronx

In perfect traffic conditions it only takes 37 minutes to drive from mid-town Manhattan to Orchard Beach, a magnificent stretch of sand on the edge of Pelham Bay Park that looks out to Long Island Sound. It’s hard to believe that the Bronx can boast such a picturesque seascape, and for it to be so close to the city. While the area has been enhanced by quite a few barge loads of white sand over many years of constructive renovation, an Australian in need of a walk along the beach is happy just to be there. In fact last weekend, with ducks flying overhead in V formation, joggers making tracks along the shore and mist blowing in from the sea, it was a picture of beauty. No wonder the architect of the original plan – coincidentally a man named Moses – called his creation ‘the Riviera of the Bronx’…

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  1. Nice shots, Fitzy. Love the autumn colours.

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