Into the blue

The skies were still blue in NYC this morning – it wasn’t a dream, thanks to the binders full of women! The female lobby pulled out all stops to return a legitimate leader to the White House and even though I couldn’t vote, I know my Grandmother was working the numbers in her celestial sphere…

Leading up to the collective relief of a city in need of good news, was a night of CNN and stairs. The former I was tuned into on my computer and frantically scrolled from Florida to Ohio to New Hampshire to Virginia, back and forth, spirits dipping and diving as the margin swung from almost to not quite. I was counting every vote. In between I ran up the stairs to the roof where the Empire State Building was reflecting the race between red and blue. I was seeing red. There was too much at stake and I really wasn’t ready to move to Canada. Then just before midnight the whoops and yells started. I raced to the roof to see a flourish of blue. Obama was back!

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8 Responses to Into the blue

  1. Annie says:

    WoW! What stunning photos! It must have been breathtaking to have been there right in the midst of it all. In Melbourne, we watched every minute as the results trickled in with our hearts in our mouths then popped open the champagne. Such an inspiring victory speech too!

  2. Bernadette Cook says:

    Love it!

  3. Dallas Colley says:

    You were in my thoughts as I watched the election results and was moved to tears hearing Obama’s victory speech. Easy to imagine you charging up and down the stairs, and the pics are great thank you. Celebrate a terrific win for America

  4. Vivienne says:

    Watching it all from Austin was fantastic

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    TheFitzyreport wrote:

  5. janey allen says:

    Once I stayed in the ACE hotel on the 10th floor with the most amazing view of the Empire State building. How I would have loved to have been there and seen it go BLUE for OBAMA!!

  6. June says:

    Thank goodness – we can breathe again – nail biting finish – never liked the red option!

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