Pumpkin and Pecan

Amy’s Bread on Bleeker Street is a good place to be especially on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays when they bake their cinnamon and raisin twists. But on Saturday after a sunny ride downtown via Washington Square, there was even another reason, pumpkin and pecan bread. Of course it is the season for all things pumpkin – Starbuck’s have latte’s, The Bakery has marsh-mellows, you can even find pumpkin beer… But Amy has the artisanal advantage of being a real almost old-fashioned bakery and you can’t go past this spicy, almost hot-cross-bun tasting alternative. I couldn’t anyway…

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1 Response to Pumpkin and Pecan

  1. Dallas Colley says:

    Beautiful autumnal scene, also my mouth is watering at those delicious looking treats!

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