Macy’s Parade

What a spectacular day for a parade! I rode the long way round through Central Park and was rewarded first with the sunshine and then with the breathtaking excitement of children working their way to the best vantage point. Bleachers would have been packed from an early hour, but the huge ‘balloons’ could be seen for miles, so there were squeals of delight from across the park as superheros floated into view. This could only mean one thing – Father Christmas was not far behind…

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4 Responses to Macy’s Parade

  1. Geoff Bowen says:

    Listened to you on ABC Overnight and enjoyed it as usual. However, do you know you said “you know” at least eighteen times in the first three or four minutes when you were describing the parade. Even Tony Delroy would have trouble beating that. I am not trying to be negative but it just did not sound as professional, or as natural, as you usually do. There was another two or thre word expression you used many times but I have forgotten what that was.

    I always enjoy your talks with Rod and look frward to his and your getting together when he returns from doing Tony Delroy’s program.

    Have a great Christmas and New Year.

    Geoff Bowen

    • Thanks Geoff. The you know syndrome usually afflicts me when I’m weary, but I’m glad you brought it to my attention. I’d appreciate you keeping tabs on my you knows and let me know what the count is. That way I’ll be more on point and Tony Delroy can keep the crown! What do you think?

  2. Jan and John says:

    Hello from Brisbane…We always read your blog – my husband John listens to you on the ABC radio. Have been making notes about “foodie” places ready for our visit next June. Keep up the good work – the photos are excellent.

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