Gramercy Tavern

The Gramercy Tavern is still my favorite restaurant in NYC. It has been our special celebration spot for years, but I thought I really should try something different for Sean’s birthday this year. Big mistake! If I went against my practice of only writing about the good places we find, there would be some colorful language here about an appalling eatery under the stewardship of Tom Colicchio. The only good thing about it was that it was in walking distance of the Gramercy Tavern, where we were welcomed back with open arms. They take so much pride in their service, and their seasonal displays are works of art. Not only did the birthday boy received a complimentary glass of pop and a very superior chocolate dessert, but the staff came out to show just how much they’d missed us. How could we ever go anywhere else?!

Gramercy birthday2 dessertsGrammercy displayGrammercy entranceIMG_4003

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5 Responses to Gramercy Tavern

  1. Beautiful shots again, Fitzy. It’s a nice feeling, isn’t it when you go to an eating place and your welcomed like family.

  2. Andrew Box says:

    I am the same with Cafe Sydney in Sydney overlooking Sydney Harbour, celebration Dinner place of choice for me. Why go somewhere else when they have never failed to impress.

    Happy Birthday to your Husband.

    • Thank you Andrew. I have been to Cafe Sydney only once – with Rod Quinn! It was the first time we actually met, after having spoken to each other for ages on the radio, so we spent most of the time just looking at each other. Seemed strange to finally see the person behind the voice. I remember the restaurant was excellent, so good choice for you.

  3. Margaret says:

    Love the Gramercy Tavern also! Once we asked for the name of a wonderful wine which we’d enjoyed during dinner. The waiter returned with a card. Inside was the label of the wine bottle all pressed nicely and presented to us with aplomb.

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