Swinging at the Armory

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7 Responses to Swinging at the Armory

  1. Louise says:

    Oh wow! I can feel the exhilaration! how beautiful and joyful.

  2. Andrew Box says:


  3. june says:

    looks groovy and spectacular – can just see it in the sheds at Cockatoo Island
    How long will it be in NY

    • Hello there – unfortunately the exhibition is finishing in January, and then it all gets packed away into storage. But watch this space – apparently the people that put on the opening ceremony for the Olympics in London will be featuring a show at the Armoury during 2013. I imagine it will be spectacular!

  4. Andrew Box says:

    Hello itís Andrew Box, one of your avid followers.

    I have had to change my email and request if you could continue to send your blog to abox@bhpl.com.au.

    I have kept all your blogs in anticipation of getting to New York this year and being able to experience one of the many activities you have reported on, particularly the ones a tourist would not hear about.

    Thanks again for your informative blog.


    Andrew & Cheryl Box

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    TheFitzyreport posted: “

    • Thanks Andrew – will keep you up to date. I’m in Port Lincoln at the moment with my family, but will be returning to NYC before the end of January and will get busy on research for your trip. Happy New Year!

  5. Amanda says:

    How gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

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