Downunder delights

I have to seriously rethink the whole definition of good coffee after being completely spoilt by the perfection of rich creamy flat whites in my recent (too) fast and fabulous trip DownUnder. Maybe it’s the water, maybe it’s the milk, across the country from Sydney to Port Lincoln, from Sonoma to Lucia’s, each cup was an inspiration. But that’s not all. Besides the creme de la creme coffee, there were fragrant gum trees against blue blue skies; corn fritters topped with roasted tomatoes, bacon and avocado in tanning distance from Coogee Beach; grilled barramundi with icy cider at the local pub; Port Lincoln prawns as big and as sweet as pinatas; pre-dawn swims in deep crystal clear water; sun warmed apricots fresh off the tree, and Kingston mangos, currant grapes and mulberries that were all the more delicious by their southern speciality. It was a taste of heaven. And that’s without even mentioning my family and friends. Nothing like a good dose of home!

I came back to New York with Mum’s tomato relish, Jean Shepherd’s apricot jam and Weetbix. Customs were surprised I didn’t have any cherry-ripes and waved us through. The weather wouldn’t budge, so record hot temperatures had to be traded in for the freezing cold. We went from 46.5C to -10C in one very long day. It was a shock but hey, I’m going to be too busy to notice. It’s 2013, and I am expecting visitors – Australian visitors who will be looking for a good coffee. New York, we have some research to do!


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7 Responses to Downunder delights

  1. Andrew Box says:

    I agree Aussies are spoilt with great coffee and generally great food.
    I went to Italy recently and apart from espresso coffee l could not get a good cappuccino.
    I look forward to visiting New York and experiencing the delights of that cities cuisines

  2. Vivienne Beddoe says:

    The things we take for granted down under.

  3. Fitzy, good to have you back. Looking forward to your posts in 2013. Happy New Year!!

  4. Fiona Meade says:

    Hi Fitzy, Fiona (friend of Dallas) here. Are you telling me I won’t find a flat white of Lucia’s standard when I come to NYC in March? Crikey! Wotamigunnadoo?

    • Lucia’s ? Fuhgedaboudit ! Even finding a flat white will be a challenge. But I am on the case for superior coffee in anticipation of your arrival. A friend of Dallas’ only deserves the best!

  5. Marion Kruger says:

    You are a real ‘radio friend’. Thank you for your company chatting to Rod and entertaining those of us who cannot sleep. I love you dearly, good luck
    Marion Kruger, Newtown, Geelong

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