Australian Squash

At this time of the year, you would have to be extremely committed to leave the warm relaxed shores of Southern Australia for the freezing competitive challenges of NYC. But if you are seriously working on your world ranking in squash, the only place to be this past week was Grand Central Station. What a fantastic location for a squash court! Even if it was temporary, the J P Morgan tournament brought a lot of energy and enthusiasm to a cold corner of the commute. Aussie Sarah Cardwell, ranked 51st in the world and looking more like a ballerina than a tough sportswoman, talked to me about loving a sport that doesn’t have the massive crowd appeal of other athletics. This means lean sponsorship and lingering inequalities – top prize money for the boys at this event was $115,000 and for the girls it was $25,000. ( But she did get to see the inside of both the Harvard and Yale Clubs – even if it was to work out… ) Sarah has been playing since she was ten and her mother was twice world champion, so work on your swing if you want to catch up with her…


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  1. stuhindl says:

    Gabrielle I have been to the TOC Tournament of Champions you are now famous among all Australian Squash players

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