2 Beans

David Jones has come to NYC and not a moment too soon. Attempting to keep my reputation intact with the imminent arrival of a best friend’s best friend ( BFBF ) – who is trusting me to keep her caffeine levels at a premium – I am on a mission to discover New York’s most superior spots. It’s quite a responsibility. Flat whites have arrived in the Big Apple, but you can’t rely on the simple listing of this Aussie option to indicate quality. Similarly, many coffee shops have a barista wearing the mandatory geeky hat, but this may only serve the purpose of a tea cosy and their coffee making skills may be overheated. There is also the need for multiple locations – if my BFBF has to traipse across town or run the risk of being stranded by cab cross-over time when a craving hits, I am going to be a flat white. So thanks heavens for another good find this week…

2 Beans opened it’s doors recently on Park and 41st, only a few steps from Grand Central Station. Catering to those with a passion for both coffee and chocolate, this place offers the best of both worlds. I know because I ( had ) to try them both. The coffee is Illy, which is always a good start and the hot chocolate was a complete indulgence. There are lots of international brands on the shelves – shortbreads, truffles, etc – but the true DJ’s connection is in the presentation. Coffee was served on a silver tray with a glass of water and a little sweet. How civilized – and the coffee was excellent! The place is very new, and service is a little slow, but every coffee was a work of art. It’s more of a ‘ladies who lunch’ place than a local cafe, but if you need an Australian-standard flat white, order the cappuccino here and you’ll know who your friends are.


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  1. Paula says:

    For our next hot chocolate.

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