Let it snow!

I can’t imagine ever becoming blase about snow, or ceasing to get excited at the prospect of it falling. It is absolutely magical. So when the blizzard started to swirl into town last night I was glued to the window, and at the first sound of the snow ploughs early this morning I raced out the door.

At 5.30 am the doorman were busy with their salt shakers, clearing the sidewalk and creating a blue hue in the melting snow. Busy Friday night cabs had cleared paths through the Avenues, but there were still whole streets untouched. Cars wore thick white fluffy coats and fire hydrants were capped with pixie pointers. There was a snow angel in front of the Morgan library and someone had written ‘I love NY’ in iconic font. The lions at the library were stoic as always and in the park behind, where the fountain had been frozen last week, it was now the picnic chairs that were making art. It was beautiful to be out, the snow made everything quiet, but bright, illuminated like a full moon.

The sun was well on the way and icicles were forming in the melting landscape as I made my way home. I found a spot of perfectly smooth meringue-like snow and sank in my wellies to make a wish. It might be another year before I get the chance again….






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8 Responses to Let it snow!

  1. Nina says:

    Thanks for the great photos, missing your posts via overnights ABC with Rod…..I went To NY last June as a direct result of your calls to him. Loved every minute of our stay..stayed near Eataly re your recommendation of good coffee….thank goodness

  2. Vivienne says:

    Thank you for these magical photos

  3. Lee G says:

    Loved t he photos. 44 degrees in Perth, Western Australia, but sorry not venturing out to do photo shots!

  4. Bernadette Cook says:

    Nice story and great pics x

  5. Olga Gordon says:

    I heard your overnight report on ABC and thought I would come and check out your photos. Spectacular! I grew up in Scotland and remember the snow very well.
    Remember that stalactites hang downwards (as the hold on to the roof pretty tight), and stalagmites push up from the floor (a mighty push).
    That’s a good way to remember, which is which.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks for the tip Olga! I have very fond memories of Scotland – I remember the snow in Edinburgh, but I also remember the fun of getting drenched at a highland games en route to John O’ Groats and the Orkney Islands, walking through fog on Ben Nevis, cider at a pub in Pitlochry and cycling along the beautiful Loch Ness…. Lovely memories thank you!

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