St Patrick’s Day

It wouldn’t be St Patrick’s Day in New York without corn beef and cabbage with the fighting sixty-ninth! While much of the city is swamped by revelers reminiscent of New Years Eve, the Armory on Lexington Avenue becomes a focal point for the extended family of the 69th Regiment. Originally Irish immigrants filled the ranks of the brigade, and this heritage is celebrated every Saint Patrick’s Day when the regiment marches from the official parade on Fifth directly to the Armory. There are pipe bands and soldiers and much ceremony, but the great fun is in the mess hall, where the walls carry the stories of past battles and old soldiers never die. The murals were painted by artists during the Great Depression and the atmosphere is heightened by the music of tin whistles and kettle drums. All you need then are some iridescent green eyelashes, green hair, or even a green mustache, and of course a Fitzgerald to make the report…



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4 Responses to St Patrick’s Day

  1. Andrew Box says:

    a great day for the irish. Being of Scottish decent on my mothers side, I am reminded by my Irish friends that the Irish gave the bag pipes to the Scotts on St Patricks Day as a joke but the dour scots have not caught on yet.

    It looked like a fun day.

  2. jenny says:

    I was out early to raise the Irish Flag in EDEN town NSW

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