Sweet rendezvous

Leading the well heeled crowd and the curious to Bergdorf’s yesterday was a leopardskin woman and her fashion conscious best friend. While they set the standard for the store’s buying demographic, anyone who slips though the spinning doors at the iconic Fifth Avenue destination will be warmly welcomed. So I felt no hesitation in following the furs, pausing at the sparkling counters, and perusing the table top glitz on my way to the chocolate department on the seventh floor. This is a store that specializes in things you don’t really need – chocolate included – but the joy of colour and calories gave me pause. So too did the discovery on the way to the elevators of an exquisitely hidden salon with views over Central park and an afternoon tea menu worthy of a princess. Grace has been there, as has Jacqueline and perhaps our Mary. I just need to dust off my silver slippers and book the prince…



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2 Responses to Sweet rendezvous

  1. ADELE ROBERTS says:

    Hello there I love to catch up with you. I have been on dialysis for 4 yrs and am in the RAH as I have received a new kidney. Love all the things you and Rod bring us. Those flowers and choccys are a work of art. Iam sure that I would have loved the opera. Perhaps one day soon we will start to travel NY is onthe list! Bye for now Adele…….not the singer

    • Thank you for listening Adele and congratulations on your new kidney! I hope you get to celebrate Easter in the RAH with a generous share of chocolates. Look after yourself – New York will be here whenever you’re ready…

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