BB or Bust. Or both.

Breads Bakery is still the best in the city. When the Danish Israeli partnership opened their doors on 16th Street 12 months ago, flat whites arrived in NYC with a bang, coffee and croissants had a new currency, and american coffee with half and half was officially off the center podium. This was the pre-cronut era, but while the deep-fried fad flourished and faded, BB’s added layer upon layer of allure. First there were the cheese straws and the chocolate almond pastries, then sesame encrusted bready pretzels. Then the chocolate babka, that made you feel like you had died and gone to heaven. But that was before yesterday. Now we have the brûlée Danish, and even for an avowed custard cringer, this is a pastry to be coveted.

With the melting of the snow, a new crop of coffee shops is springing up around town providing the chance of new discoveries to share. From what I have found so far of the gimmes and cafe gimmicks, there is little to report… There has to be exceptional coffee and cake! But the search continues, the bike is getting a work out and the diet is on the back burner until Spring…




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7 Responses to BB or Bust. Or both.

  1. Kay Wagland says:

    Must try Breads bakery when next in NYC- the coffee looks like coffee should

  2. Clyde Britton says:

    WOwwwwww looks realy inviting the pastries are mouth watering and the coffee has a nice color to it does it all taste as good as it lobs Gabi you still have to go along way to beat the coffee we have here in perth wa

  3. Jenny says:

    “But the search continues…”

    Culture Espresso on W38th Street – v good coffee and choc chip cookies…and their website says other bakery items.

    And we’re big fans of Fika – a few venues.

    • Ah yes thanks Jenny, Fika – they are taking over the city! We now have two within about 5 minutes of home – one on 41st and the other opposite Grand Central. Not that I am complaining – give me Fika any day over Starbucks, but they lose a bit of the magic when they go to mass production…

  4. Tess says:

    I can only agree Gabrielle … you must have exceptional coffee AND cake; very hard to find both. I am most fortunate. I live in the ‘burbs on the fringe of Brisbane but I have had an exceptional Cafe within 5 mins drive in an unassuming tiny shopping centre with both! And Christopher has been there for 15 years whilst shops are closing all around him!

  5. Mary says:

    My Ohio based daughter flew into NYC and made sure of getting to BB for a flat white. Thank you Gabrielle.

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