Diners and dining

The Lexington Candy Shop Luncheonette looks like the real thing. Coca cola bottles collected from around the world have been filling the windows since 1925. The menu looks very much the same as it did then, and the staff happily follow suit. Chrome stools line the counter inside and classic booths complete the picture of Happy Days. You half expect to find Fonzie combing his oily slick-back as he walks out of the bathroom. In fact the place hasn’t been renovated since Mr Winkler was born. Which made it a perfect location in Three Days of the Condor, when Robert Redford raced out to get breakfast for his work colleagues and came back to find them all dead…

By complete contrast the Parma in Mulberry Street is a modern diner, dressed with a younger crowd and serving American Italian food. There is not a coke in sight, although Brooklyn beers and pinot grigio continue an old ethnic alliance. Chicken parma is the house favorite – breaded chicken with cheese and tomato sauce – with neapolitan ice-cream ( and sprinkles ) to follow. The food is more suited to Hangover part 6 than a Robert Redford classic, and the dudes that are regulars there would be proud. But for atmosphere I would take the luncheonette any day – who needs to eat when you’re expecting Fonzie…


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  1. Vivienne says:

    This is the quirkiness we love to think of as New York.

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