Waltzing Matilda

There is not a billabong or coolibah tree within cooee, but waltzing matilda has brought a flowering of antipodean beauty to New York City. While the much anticipated Conservatory Gardens is still in bud, Park Avenue is blooming with new sculptures for the summer. The work is from artist Alice Aycock, an artist with a bounty of self expression. In these sculptures she suggests ‘waves, wind turbulence…and vortexes of energy.’ While I can see a connection in the work to the Opera House and white sails on blue ocean, I don’t know that she has been to Australia and would like to believe there is another reason to call this piece ‘Waltzing Matilda’. Alice talks about the sculptures representing ‘the metaphoric visual residue of the energy of New York City’. Perhaps she has seen us on our bikes these past weeks flashing up Park Avenue looking for glimpses of Spring….


DSCN8639 DSCN8636DSCN8642DSCN8653

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